fluereyedmonster (moon_womon) wrote in happyisland,

How comes nobody post's here any more?

What happened to happy island dont tell me you people had enough of a 'drop of heaven on earth?!' *shock* *horror.*

I think if you people aren't at least going to update on happy things you should do so on current affairs..no.. YOUR current affairs!

Par example!

Today i had to enrol/l? to goldsmiths university.. I presumed it would have alot of black/asian people... but to my surprise it was packed with white 'grungy' kids... not that there's anything wrong with that.. i just presumed that there would be more ethnicity due to the fact that the Uni is in Peckham. Anyhoo as the day went on it gradually went down hill.. once the sentiment of 'BEING AT UNI' wore off it was just plain standing in que after que. after 4 hours of standing in que's i met a girl studying pshychology which i dont know her name but i introduced myself as 'moony' and then i saw mmy future husband to be.. or at least someone for me to stalk while at uni (dunno his name or course.. soon to find out!).And then i met the coolest of the cool this guy called Curtis who was so nice to me he took me for a tour cos i got scared of going into the student union on my own so he was like.. hey dont be scared and showed me all the cool and somewhat exclusive hang-out spots which was nice of him.. Ooo and then all the music students came out and my god it was a long line of skinny long haired boys and girls! and they were all dressed similarly (sp?).

Well that was a my day!
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